How to Get the Best Divorce Lawyer

It is essential to use the best solution-oriented lawyers if you want to make the most of your dissolution procedures. Cases involving valuables, alimony, wills, custody of children and visits require the knowledge of a divorce lawyer.

You can see the agreements and resolution cases, even if it is an undisputed solution. Find the services of a divorce lawyer with many years of experience. There are mainly three ways to find a lawyer or a divorce lawyer:

The Bar Association

The Bar Association has a list of practicing attorneys for each state. This list includes specific areas in which each lawyer deals with and their specialization. To find a dissolution lawyer, call the Bar Association, indicate your needs, the state, and region where you live and ask them for contact information regarding certain dissolution attorneys, as well as people who request a lawyer.


Take an online survey to find divorce lawyers in your area. Make a list with the names and coordinates so that you can connect with them. Some of them may have blogs and websites with details of their years of experience and successes in case of dissolution. This will give you an initial knowledge of the type of service provided by the attorney in charge of the dissolution. However, do not completely trust this information online and do not validate it by meeting with lawyers.


Another method to find a divorce or child support lawyer is to ask your acquaintances if they know a lawyer who is competent for dissolution in your city. Also, look for recommendations simultaneously. You should know that different situations of dissolution should be handled in a unique way and that a lawyer who can handle one situation may not be suitable for another, even if the lawyer was recommended.

This may not be appropriate for you. Contact the lawyer and make sure that his/her experience and skills are ideal for your situation.

First consultation

Once you have contacted a divorce lawyer, ask if you can meet him for an initial consultation. At this point, clients and attorneys evaluate the compatibility of the two profiles. For example, if a client participates in the mediation and the dissolution attorney has experience with the trial, they will never be able to work together. In the initial evaluation, ask about the attorney’s fees and the exact terms and conditions. Start by telling your lawyer if your partner has complete control of your finances and cannot access the money to pay you. Often, divorce attorneys give suggestions on how to handle this situation.

After choosing a lawyer and discussing your problems with the lawyer, do not forget to talk about the fees. Some attorneys are reasonable, but some charge more than expected. Therefore, make sure to ask the lawyer for the fees before finalizing the transaction. Rates may include file processing fees, consulting fees and even fees for other things. Some lawyers even charge on a time basis. Therefore, choose the lawyer who is popular, reliable and who charges a reasonable fee. Always keep a written agreement signed by the lawyer and the client. This is the best way to follow.

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