All You Need to Know About Skylights

There are many installations, and fixtures contractors can add to your home to make it stand out from the rest. However, one modern technique of adding beauty to your home or business premise is by making use of skylights. enlightens building owners on the great importance skylights has to their buildings. Therefore, this article will give you an insight into all you need to know about skylights.

The Design

Skylight design is not just about the visible shape of the panel you or the company has chosen; as a matter of fact, there are different aspects that relate to the design of choice that has an effect on the usefulness of the skylight. There are designs that allow some skylights to provide light for a large area while there are some skylights that have a totally different purpose.

There is always a skylight design that will work for your building no matter the type of business or home ceiling thickness your building has. Tubular skylights are quite common in buildings that have thick ceilings, attics or those that are multi-storied. A tubular skylight can be described as a long tubular channel fitted with a collector at the bottom and illuminates an area between 75-150 square feet per skylight. This typically works best for small offices, cubical or restrooms. However, customers are advised to learn more about the designs from before hiring professionals to install. This will help the homeowner to make a profound decision.

The Size

Most building owners will choose a size that suits their style; this is not a bad thing. However, it is advisable always to consult a professional when selecting the size and style of your skylight. Experts from, for instance, will evaluate your building and help you choose a style, size, shape, and location that will bring the most out of your skylight. But the good thing is that there is a wide range of variety you can choose from in the market. Therefore, you will always find something that will match your personality.

The Best Place to Install

In the case of a tubular skylight, the best place to install it is on the bottom floor of a multi-story building. Therefore, it is ideal for warehouses and private offices for solar gain and to prevent heat loss. Building owners will require the services of a professional installer who understands the thickness of the ceiling and can work with the angles to get the most out of this fixture. During the installation process, the top panel will be affixed to the roof, and the channel will run through the ceiling. The skylight will be completely hidden from sight since the bottom window will be attached on the visible parts of the ceiling.

The Benefits

The main purpose of skylights is to let in the outdoor light to cut down both electricity and heating cost. A well designed and installed skylight has the capability of lighting an entire room naturally. Therefore, homeowners will enjoy natural heat and the appearance of the home or the business premise will be improved altogether. There are also different ways you can utilize solar power from your skylights to live eco-friendly.

With that in mind, you now have sufficient knowledge of what skylights are and what they can do to your building. For more information on the different designs and installation, visit and also check out Watertite business profile.




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